Khushee Hegde + -

Its my honour and pleasure to be under the guidance of Pinky Tripathi's Private Tutorials, which has helped me in my all round development right from academics to being a good youth of our nation. I thank from the bottom of my heart for helping me in this walk of life that is moulding me into a bright talent and making me an honest student. The systematic functioning and the teaching as well as their co-operation have made the journey from 8th till 10th excellent.

My personal PTPT experience has been a pleasure throughout the two years. I am fortunate to have been exposed to such an extraordinary level of guidance and support. I can say with utmost surety that they have been behind me from the scratch, taking care of every single detail, to help me reach the pinnacle of success. The staff is proving its excellence time and again, by getting their students top results and the thing that matters the most - Consistent zooming grades- because of their sharp focus on the boards and not school terminals. PTPT should also be preferred over other tutorials because of their stress on extra curriculars and non-academics like sports, music and dance. Summing up, PTPT dominates, PTPT ROCKS!

The staff is very friendly, and the teachers are encouraging. Special attention is given to each and every student. It's been three years and I still look forward to attend each class.

"A teacher is a canvas that activates the magnets of curiosity", This quote stands true for all the teachers who teach in Pinky Tripathi's Private Tutorials. I had joined PTPT when I was in 9th standard for English. English was taught to us by Pinky Miss. The teachers are extraordinary in their teaching. They are friendly and strict when needed like a professional teacher. For me PTPT is the best classes I have ever gone. In 9th std. because of Pinky Miss's awesome teaching my English has improved a lot. I am very lucky to be a part of this tutorial. The Sports day and Renaissance was unique from other classes. The method of teaching is also extraordinary. The portion is completed at sufficient time before exams and regular tests are held to improve our skills. All this is because of the hard work done by Pinky Miss. So overall PTPT is by far the best class I have ever gone.

PTPT has indeed evolved my talent that was hidden in me over the years.... I am studying in PTPT since std. 8th. Through this Teaching institution I have achieved many improvements that has helped me in many ways.. I am totally thankful to PTPT for teaching they have provided to us. The teachers teaching are marvelous and excellent and Pinky Miss is the best of all and last but not the least I would thank the whole staff as their role in this is also commendable.

Ansh Chomal + -

My experience in P.T.P.T. has been wonderful. I am fortunate to be a part of PTPT. PTPT has given me lots of knowledge to achieve my goals. There's a lot of improvement in my scores after joining PTPT. The teachers are very friendly and very hard working so that their students can get the top results. Except studies, there is a program held for the students for their refreshment and to express their talents. We dance, play sports and we have a band there. I am a part of the band where I play keyboard. So it is an opportunity to be on the stage and be a part of the band and dance. I guess this kind of opportunity can only be provided by PTPT...PTPT ROCKS ...!!!

PTPT has taught me to learn subjects in the most accurate and compelling manner making me quite confident regarding the way I will be taking my exams.

Classes like PTPT are the need of the hour as it not only focuses on ACADEMICS but ALL-ROUND DEVELOPMENT of a child as well. It prepares students to face the outer world. Ideas like 'THE RENAISSANCE (Annual Day)' and 'ANNUAL SPORTS DAY' are the ones which no classes could even think about! Thank you for giving us the great platform to showcase our talents. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful family. My experience here was truly spell-bound! And I would even like to express my sincere gratitude towards Pinky Mam and the entire staff. "There's no one quite like a special teacher and no teacher quite special as you." PTPT ROCKS !!!!

I had a great experience with PTPT. The teaching pattern is good. The test pattern is good. The daily test generates a confidence in me. The notes provided help me in quick revision during exams. The teachers are co-operative. Programs like RENAISSANCE help me in showing my talent. PTPT is one of my most favourite tuitions.

I joined PTPT 3 years ago, in Grade 8. The teachers here are well experienced and confident enough to train the students. They give positive motivation to the children. Their comments are always constructive in nature and always refrain from criticizing them. They never fail to comprehend the needs of students and try their best to fulfill them. This improved my grades in school exams and also increased my confidence level. It was a wonderful experience here.

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